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Don't rush to judgement on Iobit - need to allow 2 to 3 days after installation to work properly

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  • Don't rush to judgement on Iobit - need to allow 2 to 3 days after installation to work properly

    1.) I've discovered that Iobit Advanced System Care 12 needs a bit of time to settle and you need to become familiar with all the settings... so don't rush to judgement.
    2.) Ensure you go to toolbox to install driver updater, smart defrag and smart RAM (and that it is enabled to automatically boot at startup and run automatically). Personally I prefer not to allow certain options such as registry defrag and deletion of cookies (privacy sweep should allow more options).
    3.) At first it seemed like everything was slower, but after two or three days and setting everything up right; it has definitely improved system speed noticeably. Browser responsiveness, opening applications, response to clicks within applications - all are faster; just avoid simultaneous Malware Fighter install as it seems to slow things and it doesn't auto-update database unless you pay for pro.
    4.) Sometimes there may be momentary delays as ASC Ultimate 12 updates, but you will only be aware of this afterwards as the pop-up only displays once it has finished.
    5.) Failure to detect Eicar file opening is fixed by installing Iobit Malware Fighter free along with Iobit ASC Ultimate 12; but as I mention it seems slower. Perhaps rather use Windows Defender or some other option.
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    Indeed you will not notice performance improvement but after 2 or 3 days.

    In my case I have ASC pro 12, Smart Defrag pro 6, Driver Booster pro 6 & Iobit Uninstaller pro 8; and after 2 days of doing a fresh windows 10 install on my good old latitude XPS 15 (L502X), the performance boost is really noticed, and also my system is running very stable.

    I don't use Smart Ram, just use the included "Auto RAM Clean" at the pro version of ASC, and it does a very good job in keeping my system responsive, I usually leave my laptop always on because it is also the Plex server, just sometimes do reboots due to software updates or to also let ASC "Startup Manager" do its job of delaying or disabling startup items.

    But I can say that I'm very satisfied in how those mentioned iobit products are taking care of my system

    I also purchased in a iobit malware fighter pro licence but definitely this software still needs a LOT of work, it slows down my computer, and as you mention is better to remove iobit malware fighter and use windows defender or other lightweight AV solution, in my case I'm using Kaspersky free AV and I noticed that is less resource hog than windows defender.

    Finally I have to mention that driver booster pro 6 is outstanding because it updated ALL my drivers (except the nvidia drivers) and one of those drivers included the "free fall sensor" for the HDD, that by default windows 10 is missing the driver. After updating all the drivers detected by driver booster pro, my computer works better and the fan is not turning on so frequently.

    BUT, the only downside from iobit is that they now rarely participate in the forums and they are not providing a decent technical support (not even paid support)
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      Sad to hear about the support, wonder what's going on. Interesting, so Smart Ram has some sort of issue? I've been trying Comodo free antivirus, but when you switch off ASC Ultimate 12 antivirus it keeps reminding you to turn it on... even though the recommended setting is off (for some strange reason). Yes I do like the driver updater, updated drivers none of the other utilities I had before bothered updating. I have to point out one positive with the ASC Ultimate inbuilt antivirus. On a full system scan it found a lot of viruses in an email database that Windows Defender (and I suspect Avast) before it hadn't found.


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        I guess you have the trial for ASC Ultimate, my advised is that you purchase ASC pro, is a fact that as you mentions ASC ultimate antivirus engine found a lot of viruses that windows defender has not, but iobit antivirus and antimalware engines are resource heavy and slow down Windows; I suggest yo use a free AV solution like Kaspersky Free AV or Bitdefender free AV, both are well rated and are low on resources
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          Ok thanks. I just hope Iobit is not shutting down, given the lack of response?


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            I've since changed my mind. After testing start-up times for two test software packages and system boot times, I've concluded it is not doing much. In fact it may be slowing things down.


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              What I can say is that for some strange and unknown reason ASC 11 indeed slowed my computer, but with ASC 12 things are different.

              What I have is ASC 12 pro and the overall settings:
              - Computer optimization: Top performance (Home user)
              - Internet Boost: (set according to how you connect to the internet)
              - Disk optimize: TOTALLY DISABLED (since I have Smart Defrag Pro)
              - Auto Care: Enable autocare and care for your computer when the system id idle
              - Auto Clean: Automatically sweep surfing history, cookies, etc
              - Auto RAM Clean: enabled

              I do have also Smart Defrag Pro
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                Thanks. It seems as though you need to be quite knowledgeable in terms of setup, to ensure all the different options don't interfere with each other. Quite a bit of duplication in features - if you start installing the items listed in toolbox.


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                  car7 About the toolbox I've found that if you use ASC Auto Ram Clean, you don't have to use Smart RAM, doing so will indeed affect performance because both programs will fight each other to free unused RAM.

                  I don't use all the toolbox items, I just use:
                  Startup Manager
                  Internet Booster (this to further enhance my internet that is also optimized by ASC)
                  Program Deactivator - I use it to disable progams that are not currently used but are installed as part of main programs, like Kaspersky Secure Connection (instlled by Kaspersky free AV)

                  For the Startup Manager.

                  this is a very useful program and I must confess that iobit coninues to improve it (hope the continue with this):
                  Startup Manager provides you 3 options for each Startup item: Disable, Delay and Delete
                  use with caution the "delete" function, since in case that a program needs its startup entry to properly work, it will no longer work... this can be fixed with a program reinstallation, or some program once manually started are able to re-create its startup entry

                  My advise is to never "Delete" a Startup Item, play with them by either delaying, disabling or leaving it as enable.

                  NOTE: is key that if you delay a startup item to also delay the service BUT i've found that some programs like Microsoft OneDrive, for some reason, cannot be delayed, because when delayed it wont launch at all.

                  SO, test by delaying the startup items and services you use to make your windows boot time faster, then restart your computer and wait until the whole windows startup routine is completed, because the mre delayed items and services, the more time it will take for Startup Manager to launch them one by one and sequentally.

                  Then when windows is fully loaded and you noticed at your system tray that delayed items are launched, then open again Startup manager and see if some items were reverted from "delayed" to "enabled"; this will mean that such programs cannot be delayed by startup manager (i´ve just found few programs like google Chome to re-enable the startup item)

                  Also take note of the programs that launched error messages, in my case the Zentimo USB manager can be delayed (both the startup item and service) BUT as windows boots an error message pop-up saying that the Zentimo service was not started properly... is just a matter of time to wait and the service will load, so in such cases you can just click ok OR re-enable the startup item and service to avoid those pop-ups.

                  Also I've found that with Plex media server, if I delay the Startup item, for some reason the auto-login feature for Plex is not executed, so I also have enabled this item

                  I have not used startup manager - Browser Startup module

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                    That's quite involved wow. Program Deactivator - I thought the turbo boost or auto ram would handle that already? (I'm not sure what the difference is between turbo and auto ram is.
                    Yes I also avoid disabling startup if possible.
                    I uninstalled Ultimate and instead bought ASC as it seems to be almost the same, and I don't see the point of Ultimate's AV. Surprisingly it has some kind of spyware protection in any case.


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                      car7 Program Deactivator, Turbo Boost and Auto Ram are three different things.

                      Program Deactivator: used to totally deactivate a program and avoid it for using resources, useful if you still want to have this program but for some reason don't want it to run and don't want it to use windows resources. In my case I use it to deactivate Kaspersky Secure Connection and Popcorn, for Popcorn for some reason the current version is not working and so would wait for an update

                      Turbo Boost: this module has 3 modes: Work Mode, Game mode and Economy Mode. Basically each mode is configured to disable some background services and apps specific for each mode, this to enhance the system usability and speed, and for economy mode to boost battery life. also you can further customize each module by disabling more services and background apps

                      Auto Ram: monitors the amount of free RAM and free RAM when necessary (in my opinion works way better than Smart Ram).

                      Good that you opted for ASC pro instead of ASC ultimate, iobit antimalware modules need a lot of improvement and they do more harm than good, specially the are BIG in resource ussage
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                        Makes you wonder if this isn't going to interfere with windows automated maintenance - especially the defrag.


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                          car7 I must say that after a comment from Cicely at this post

                          I decided to give a try and not only have enabled Auto Ram function from ASC, but also executed Smart Ram 3.0 and leave it running in the background, more than 12 hours have passed and there is a performance improvement with my windows 10 laptop.

                          About your comment of interfering with windows automated maitenance, well after doing some research, I found that the following are the windows 10 automatic maintenance tasks:
                          - Software updates
                          - Security Scanning
                          - System DIagnostic

                          And the maintenance runs daily at the specified time (by default 2am)

                          Windows built in defrag is scheduled by default to run on a weekly basis, but iobit advises that if Smart Defrag is meant to handle all the defragmentation tasks, t disable windows built in defrag schedule:

                          So, it seems that ASC will not interfere with windows automated tasks.

                          I've been using ASC pro and Smart Defrag Pro and windows 10 is working better
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                            In the end I gave up and uninstalled ASC. My long term evaluation was that it didn't really speed things up, and seemed to be causing issues with Video sound etc.


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                              car7 I've been using ASC Pro, Driver booster pro, Smart Defrag pro & iobit Malware Fighter pro for several months, and never had an issue, my old Latitude XPS 15 with windows 10 is working very good, never had resource issues, even when heavy using my laptop.

                              Don't know why you faced no improvement at all
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