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Can an ASCBackup file restore lost program app data?

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  • Can an ASCBackup file restore lost program app data?

    If this is posted in the wrong place, please accept my apologies and direct me to the most appropriate place to ask this question.

    I will start by saying I am NOT technical and have only recently started using the free version of the ASC program... but I've created a situation that I'm wondering whether it has a technical solution.

    After a long and frustrating attempt to move my son's Minecraft app from my profile account to his child profile account on the same Windows 10 desktop, I uninstalled it from mine and reinstalled it to his. I finally got it to work, however, It seems this might have resulted in a HUGE mom fail if I deleted all his saved data. No... I did not backup any data before I did this (added fail).

    In frantically trying to find any ".Minecraft" files still on the computer, two files came up in the search - ACSBackup64... and ACSBackup32, files that were created earlier that day in my overall cleanup effort.. I was not aware that ASC created this, so I'm crossing my fingers and toes hoping (and praying) that means there **might** some ".Minecraft" data somewhere in that file.

    My question is whether someone can tell me whether either of those backup files might in fact include app data files and if so, how do I use it to extract the data?

    HUGE appreciation to any and all assistance/suggestions that might help.


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    Disregard - I think I found my answer.

    I can't figure out how to delete this post but I just found a corresponding ASCLog to the backup files and see that it appears to be just a list of all the files deleted during the cleanup process. So it will not contain what I need. Sorry for the post.



    • #3 should not have deleted minecraft from your should have copied it. Then when you reinstalled it on your sons account you could have substituted the appropraite files to maintain the database.
      That said...if you found backup files using search then I would say that those files can be used to restore your sons history, The ASC logs are a completely different item and have no bearing on your issue.
      I suggest that you go to the minecraft forum and ask the same question....I would imagine they would tell you how to use the backup files to restore the game to normal.
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