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ASC 13 Ultimate compatibility with Windows 10 build 2004

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  • ASC 13 Ultimate compatibility with Windows 10 build 2004

    After updating to Windows 10 build 2004 I began experiencing hangs, netflix playback stalls, explorer non response and an inability to restart and shutdown, it looks like a task is hanging but it's not clear which task. I tried uninstalling ASC and reinstalling with the same results. Uninstall ASC13U and the system works fine. I also have Maleware Bytes 4.1 installed and configured to co-exist and both were working fine under the previous build. Anyone experience any issues with ASC13U and build 2004?

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    Instead of uninstalling ASCU13....try simply not running it.
    If there are no issues try running it with realtime protection disabled.
    This will tell you whether it is the AV functions or the optimising functions which are causing the issue.
    You are a brave person for updating to the 2004 disaster.
    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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      For now I'm just looking for confirmation ASCU13 is ready for the current windows 10 OS build or an ETA on when this will be supported. It's holding up my other system upgrades.


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        I think the confirmation you are asking for is the wrong way around.
        The question should Windows 2004 compatible with ASCU. When you consider the fact that the 2004 update has created havoc for pc users and is so bad that even MS have
        put a block on it for most pc's, I think that your situation is a case of 2004 not working properly with ASCU. ASCU worked fine until you upgraded to 2004.
        That is why I suggested identifying the component of ASCU that 2004 is having the issue with.
        To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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          The impact on my system under ASC13U is severe as described, I'm not willing to test under these conditions before first confirming ASC13U is known working and supported. I would think that's common sense.

          I'm aware that Microsoft has developer support to help developers ensure compatibility with major windows updates at release. I'm quite capable of migration without risk and as mentioned have several systems to ensure that. I'm just asking if ASC13U's current version has been tested and confirmed working and is supported. At this point that information should be readily available. I'm aware of the known issues as well as the new features with 2004 and have chosen to update my primary system now. Of all the applications I have there's only one that's not working currently under 2004.


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            It seems to me that you have proven that ASCU13 is not working with your system, and as there does not seem to be any other complaints regarding ASCU13 working with 2004, then I suggest, as I did previously, that you identify which ASCU component is causing the issue. It is quite possible that you may be able to correct the issue by changing a setting.
            If you are expecting a definitive answer from Iobit as to whether it was tested with 2004, I am afraid you will be disappointed, as Iobit support here in the forum is practically non-existent.
            To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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              I see, thanks I'll contact support.