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Send Your Feedback for Advanced SystemCare 10

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  • Cicely
    Hi Robert Moyer Jr & mansil,

    Welcome to IObit Forum!

    The top 20 most valuable beta contributors will be given a license for FREE! You can share any suggestions or comments here.

    Good luck!

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  • mansil

    Nice UI.



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  • Robert Moyer Jr
    I'm new here but want to say and hope to get a free code but you guys rock every time you guy's come out with a new interface you just blow my mine.

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  • Cicely
    Thanks for your suggestions.
    For better wifi optimizations, we've recorded your feedback for further consideration.
    For Google Chrome Optimization, ASC will not add it in Internet Booster in a short period of time, because Google Chrome does not allow any 3-rd parties to modify its settings.
    For SSD hard drive tweaking, ASC already has the feature. You can find it in Disk Optimization. I've attached a picture for your reference. Have a good day!

    Szcz??liwy us?ysze? podoba Ci si? nowa wersja. Wszelkie sugestie lub komentarz jest mile widziana!
    Happy to hear you like the new version. Any suggestion or comment is appreciated!

    Welcome to IObit Forum!
    You can keep v10 beta 1 together with v9.3. While, if you do not want to use 2 versions of ASC at the same time, you can uninstall any one of them. Cheers!
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  • bassvoodoo
    After I download and install ASC 10 beta should I uninstall version 9.3 or leave it for a while. It seems they are both running now.

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  • jerzyzm
    dzisiaj wgra?em ale ju? mi si? podoba ta wersja jest szybka i wyra?na interfejs jest czytelny i zrozumia?y.jerzy

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  • fibercarbon
    When will you add better wifi optimizations under the network optimization?
    Also please add SSD hard drive Tweaking and
    Google Chrome Optimization since you have all other main browsers in there.

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  • Cicely
    Hi QwertyChouskie,

    Welcome to IObit Forum!

    Thanks for your test and suggestions about the language. We'll correct them in the next version.

    Any other suggestions or comments are welcome!

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  • QwertyChouskie
    Looking good! A few grammar corrections though:

    "Speed Up" tab:

    Stop unnecessary apps and services to release RAM and boost your PC.

    "Protect" tab:

    "Automatically wipe your history after you close your browser to prevent tracking."

    ... "and remove all ads for a faster browsing experience."

    ... "to avoid being hacked or infected by Trojans."

    "Toolbox" tab:

    "System optimization tools"

    "System cleaning"

    In “Security reinforce”:

    "Congratulations! Your computer is well protected against hackers."

    ... “strengthen the protection against hackers. Just"...

    I also like @renodos500's idea of integrating the driver updating to the main scan.
    Last edited by QwertyChouskie; Jul. 21st, 2016, 04:17.

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  • Cicely
    Hi CaptainSpaz,

    Please download the tool from

    Then double click to run this tool on the PC with problem and click "Save report".

    After it finishes, you will get a pop up window to tell you where the report file is saved. Click "OK" button to open that saved folder.

    Please send the zipped file to us so that we can get the detailed information to look into.


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  • CaptainSpaz
    So far looking good. Something you can look into. I've noticed since version 9 and the release of Windows 10, Advanced System Care seems to be deleting the saved settings for Microsoft Edge, particularly the developer settings that allow you to enable experimental features. It only happens after running a scan.

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  • Cicely
    @ renodos500,

    Thank you for your test and suggestions. You are very active and enthusiastic.

    We've recorded them and will consider them seriously to continue to improve our program. Cheers!


    There is no pro versin now. It is the beta vesion. You can use all of the features in it. Cheers!

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  • renodos500
    Here is my deep feedback for ASC 10....I have very great ideas for ASC 10....(I deeply considered them in my mind)........I also removed all conflicts........

    1. About Hardware Accelerate should be included in Clean and Optimize tab for scan outdated programs and manually select to install new versions (with same method as Startup Optimization)......
    Then replace Hardware Accelerate feature in Speed Up tab with Game Booster feature
    Replace Spyware Removal item in Clean and Optimize tab with Hardware Accelerate (but I suggested to move Spyware Removal feature somewhere else...see the point 7.)

    2. Move Password Manager feature into Toolbox under Security and Repair

    3. Add scanning time when Clean and Optimize scanning under percentage...main percentage should show overall scanning.....and next to the every item should be show percentage for every item.....

    4. Smart Defrag features should be included in Speed Up tab named Advanced Disk Optimization (App/Toolbar Cleaner feature must be replaced with Advanced Disk Optimization).....This Advanced Disk Optimization will be scan Boot Time options from Smart Defrag...........It means that Disk Optimization included in Clean and Optimize tab will be scan Disk Defrag options from Smart means that in the ASC Settings,,, there will in Disk Optimization item two catogories:

    Basic Disk Optimization (means Disk Optimization in Clean and Optimize tab) and Advanced Disk Optimization (means Advanced Disk Optimization in Speed Up tab)

    Basic Disk Optimization will include these scan options: (select one of them)
    Fast Defrag, Defrag and Optimize, Large Files Defrag, Free Space Defrag, Defrag and Prioritize Files (Slow), Defragment files and free space, Defragment all files (includes Large Files Defrag also) and free space

    Advanced Disk Optimization will include these scan options: (option to select all of them)
    Defragment page files and hibernation files, Defragment MFT, Defragment system files, Defragment registry files, Defragment specified files (with option to browse them)

    Ideas to boost Disk Optimization in Clean and Optimize tab:
    Disk Optimization in Clean and Optimize tab should be scan junk files and then defrag (if the Junk Files already was scanned and cleaned before while...ASC immediately starts to defrag,,,,,but if the Junk FIles was not scanned and cleaned, ASC will first clean junk files and then starts to defrag)

    5. Next I suggest.....ASC 10 will have 3 versions : FREE, PRO, ULTIMATE

    I suggest three licenses for ASC 10-----I suggest direct version upgrade.........(for upgrading on the higher version..user must enter license code for that version, he wants....)

    1. Upgrade from FREE to PRO (it activates PRO features)
    2. Upgrade from FREE to ULTIMATE (it activates all features)
    3. Upgrade from PRO to ULTIMATE (it activates additional antivirus features)

    6. Suggestions for ASC 10 FREE and PRO versions

    in the Protect tab....there will option to upgrade on ULTIMATE version and install ASC Antivirus module (includes additional features in ULTIMATE opposite PRO)
    but this ASC Antivirus modul will be locked and not installed....If FREE and PRO users want to unlock this ASC Antivirus module and install it...they must enter license code for ULTIMATE version
    after entering valid license code for ULTIMATE version....ASC Antivirus module will be installed and activated......and Protect tab will be changed......It will include Antivirus module interface....and in the arrow (like in ASC Ultimate 8) will be included all features in current Protect tab and other said in 7. point part B

    7. Suggestions for ASC Antivirus module in version ULTIMATE
    it could be to include ASC Antivirus module merged with IOBIT Malware Fighter module

    and add IMF features that are not included in ASC and Spyware Removal feature...these features include to the arrow, where will be features that now they are included in current Protect tab

    8. So IOBIT won´t have IOBIT Malware Fighter, Smart Defrag and Driver Booster like standalone program.....But I made refund:
    IOBIT Malware Fighter modul and its features merged with ASC Antivirus will be activated in ULTIMATE version, Advanced Disk Optimization and some options for Basic Disk Optimization and Hardware Accelerate scanning will be activated in PRO version..........

    And for managing drivers same as in Driver could create small settings next to the Hardware Accelerate item (in Clean and Optimize tab),,that include driver´s views and details about them and option to rescue them (there will be included Rescue Center feature)......but scan settings and options for it will be included in ASC Settings

    That´s all......Last thing......I tested Surfing Protection and Ads Removal feature in Google is very good feature (loading sites and web surfing is fast like cheetah)
    ASC 10 user interface is also very good and pretty!

    Last edited by renodos500; Jul. 13th, 2016, 22:01.

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  • parkd1
    Is this the Pro version that we are testing?

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  • renodos500
    Hi, Cicely.......Wau......l am surprised and excited of new features in ASC 10...I think, you are making the best pc optimizer and utility program on the world.......Well done, IOBIT.....Very, very great work

    OK, I am testing ASC 10 beta...If I get some ideas,, I do not forget to tell

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