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Anyoing issues after fixing laptop with ASC10pro

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  • Anyoing issues after fixing laptop with ASC10pro

    Just upgraded to pro and have been optimizing the laptop with all different functions in ASC10pro.

    Now I cant use Windows Search at all and when I press then windows Icon bottom left corner it has a annyoing delay for 1 second before it opens.
    Worked perfectly before I started looking around in Winfix, Mywin, didn't do anything in there just checked different futures. I think it appeared after I used DiscDoctor but not sure. Didn't find any errors.
    Brand new laptop with just days old clean install of windows10.

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    Go into Rescue Centre and do system restore to a time when the laptop was ok.
    I cannot understand why you would run Disk Doctor on a brand new machine, but if you insist on trying all the functions, then you should do so one at a time and then check to see if everything is ok. Then if something goes wrong you will at least know which function/tool is causing the issue.
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