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ASC messing with programs again.

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  • ASC messing with programs again.

    After beta testing and finding that asc was messing up my files (DVDFAB) , It is now doing it again after the final release The new release did work great which fix the problem, but something has changed. I have two versions of dvdfab. One is the 32 bit version which works perfectly now, but the new 64 bit version gets messed up after it only runs once. I have to reinstall dvdfab for it to only work once. Disabling ASC allows it to work with no problems. Please note screenshot.

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    Also, removing ASC 11 and going back ASC 10.4 fixes the problem. I don't need to reinstall the dvdfab x64 version.


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      Hi Maonstad, Have u tried to run dvdfab 64edition with ascservice disabled by renaming its exe ? This trick helped me to get by for the time being until the peeps from IOBit have found a more permanent solution


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        Support had me download a file (asc 11) to try and that fixed the problem. It did and so now everything is working as it should be. Thanks support!!!