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Registry fix mistakenly removes vital registry keys for SmartFTP

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  • Registry fix mistakenly removes vital registry keys for SmartFTP

    The registry fix mistakenly removes vital registry keys from SmartFTP. As a result it breaks the installation of SmartFTP. To reproduce it:
    - Install SmartFTP from here:
    - Start SmartFTP
    - Connect to a server (menu: Favorites->SmartFTP FTP Server)
    - Open a Local Browser: menu: File->New Local Browser
    - Drag&Drop some files from the SmartFTP remote browser to the Local Browser
    - The files are being added to the transfer queue
    - Close SmartFTP
    - Run Advanced SystemCare registry fix
    - Start SmartFTP
    - Try to drag&drop the files again as earlier.
    - Nothing will be added to the transfer queue

    If you need further information please let me know.
    Thank you

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    Hi Mat100,

    Thanks for your detailed information, it greatly help us get the issue clearly. Please kindly help us look into it.

    1) Please reproduce the issue, then use the rescue function of ASC and let us know whether it is OK.

    Open ASC 5>> click the button "Rescue" >>choose one restore point (note: please set restore point to the time before the problem occurred)>>click "undo"button

    2) No matter the rescue works or not, please send us the Log folder and Backup folder under the profile folder so that we can further look into the problem.

    Usual path: %appdata%\IObit\Advanced SystemCare v5

    We believe that we can solve this issue together.
    IObit Support Team --
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      I can confirm that I've had the same problem - running a scan and repair 'corrupted' my SmartFTP's ability to transfer files to server.

      You can download a fully functioning trialware version of SmartFTP at
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        I was wondering what is the status of this issue?


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          Hi Mat100.

          I believe in post #2, Cicely was requesting your assistance in trying to identify the cause of the problem. Are you still able to provide the folders she needs to give to the programmers or have they been altered? It doesn't seem as if any progress has been made on this yet.

          Is this the version of ASC you have now? It was released only three days before your first post.

          Live long and prosper!
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