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Send Your Feedback for Advanced SystemCare 6

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  • Send Your Feedback for Advanced SystemCare 6

    Advanced SystemCare 6.0 is available
    The world No.1 System Utility RELOADED

    1. Send your Feedback
    - E-mail us your suggestions or comments directly:
    - Join discussion on our forums.

    The top 20 most valuable beta contributors will be given a License for FREE!
    And their names will be printed in the v6 Final version.

    2. Share Advanced SystemCare v6 with your families, friends, and colleagues
    - Share on Facebook
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    - Share on Google+

    3. Download Now
    Download from MajorGeeks

    4. Screenshot
    Click here to view more screenshot and details on Facebook

    5. Help us translate
    You can find our Language file here:
    C:\Program Files\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 6\Language\English.lng (Usually path)
    C:\Program Files\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 6\Toolbox_Language\English.lng (Usually path)

    Please help us translate both of them via following method:
    - Open the '.lng' file with Windows "NotePad" or any other text editors. And you can translate these English words into your own language now.
    - All you need to do is translating the words to the right of =. Note: [B]Please Do not translate "%s", "%d", "<a>%d<a/>" or "<a>%s<a/>".
    - Please strictly follow the format. Please send your translation to Language files for Advanced SystemCare v6 or

    Thanks -so- much in advance!

    PS: Here we supply a Language Checking Tool. You can find out some little modification easier. Language Checking Tool

    What's new in Advanced SystemCare v6

    + Brand New User Interface for Easier and Simpler Use
    + New Surfing Protection Technology for TOP Online Security and Safer Online Environment
    + New Performance Monitoring Technology as an Add-On for More Comprehensive and Efficient Optimization
    + New Generation Technology for Much Lighter Installation Package Yet More Powerful Functions
    + New Internet Boost Technology for Faster and Smoother Online Experience
    + New Generation Super Engine for Disk Defragment to make scan and optimization much faster
    + More Secure, Stable, Smart and Reliable Performance Gives You Peace of Mind
    + Improved Active Optimize Function for Smarter Real-time Optimization
    + Improved Toolbox for Daily PC Maintenance
    + Improved Turbo Boost Function for More Efficient Working and Superb Gaming Experience
    + Enhanced Registry Fix and Vulnerability Scanning Technology Ensures More Effective Performance

    More to be discovered by you.
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    IObit Support Team--Any ideas or suggestions? Please kindly share with us...Thanx

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    Download link is given by itobe in the 1st. post.

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    - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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      First post is updated by itobe for ASC6 Beta 2.0


      - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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        This new version looks and works GREAT!:-D


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          It still asking me to uninstall ASC 5, before to install ASC 6 beta !!?


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            Hi jimbow86.

            As Iobit is aware of this, unfortunately all we can do is wait for this issue to be addressed. I agree that a beta should be able to run alongside the previous stable release. Your question on the other thread "is there a reason..." remains pertinent and unaddressed. I expect that the changes within ASC 6 and 5 are such that you cannot have both on your system... why... that is the question. The licensing issue I hope will soon be resolved as well.

            Live long and prosper!


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              Ok Thanks:-P


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                Just downloaded and like the interface. I've only run it once so nothing to offer thus far but it is indeed quick and works very smoothly so far. I like that you can choose what you would like to run (or not) when scanning.
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                  like it!

                  so far so good, noticed improvement in system, and no crashes so keep fingures crossed!!:mrgreen:


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                    :grin: Awesome!!!! Slick, fast and easy to use PC Utility. Even my 80 year old Dad can use this program. And if you are testing or planning to upgrade to Windows 8, this package has you covered. The Performance Monitor looks like a Windows 7 Sidebar Gadget that offers a shortcut to the Scanning tool + a handy ClearRam tool to free up lost memory. But the best part of the Performance Monitor is the Shutdown button. If you've tried Windows 8 already, then you'll appreciate this feature. If you haven't seen Windows 8 yet, prepare yourself. The Start button is gone and so is the shutdown button. And then you'll be asking yourself: "What the heck, how do I turn this computer off?" Fear not, Advanced SystemCare 6 has you covered. Take a free test drive today! It will save you from hours of frustration.


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                      i have been using IObit programs for a long time now and have had very little problems which is why i decided to try the beta of this program and i have to say that over all i like the program both how it runs and looks compared to other versions of this program i have only found 1 problem with it and thats the fact that it keeps shutting off Windows Updates on ALL the computers that i have put it on i have a total of 3 computers and 1 laptop that i use this program on the desktops 2 have Win 7 64 bit and 1 with 32 bit and the laptop runs Win XP and all have the same problem not that its hard to fix but having to turn Win Updates back on every time i turn on or restart any of them does get a little annoying other than that it runs awsome and i will still use this companies programs for as long as i can


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                        I don't have any issues with V.6. and windows updates. Running Windows 7 64bit.
                        I'd like to add that a problem I've had for ages seems to be fixed with this version. (Problem of start page in IE). The layout looks great too... Many thanks.


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                          Awesome!!!! Slick, fast and easy to use PC Utility.


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                            Awesome so far. Few Questions though.

                            When you switch to "Expert Mode" does that make the scan automatically "Deep" like in ADV 5?
                            Also When i do the driver Manger it doesn't find that i have out of date drivers, but when i run another program, "Uniblue Driver Scanner" It finds them, is there any chance of improving this? I would rather support IObit,


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                              Actually I thought the changes with ASC 6 are quite impressive. Its refreshing to find a application with plenty of bells and whistles that for the most part actually works and to a great and useful degree. This program actually keeps your computer running much better then those speed up your PC software that people are dumb enough to pay money for that they advertize on TV. I have been using ASC since its creation and I have never experience any problems with the software.