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Deleted/Missing Restore Points in Windows 10

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  • Deleted/Missing Restore Points in Windows 10

    Users may have noticed that after Windows 10 installs quality updates, if you look in ASC Rescue Center/System Restore, it will appear empty, as if all Restore Points
    have been deleted.
    There are many explanations from Microsoft as to why this happens. I will not go into them here (you can google it).

    However, after the last Quality Update, I checked my system Restore (in ASC) and sure enough, it said that I had no Restore points (it seemed they had been deleted).
    However, while still in System restore, I immediately created a new Restore Point. It seemed to take a much longer time than normal.
    When it had finished creating the new Restore Point, it showed that I now had one Restore Point ( the new one I just created).
    I exited the Rescue Centre, and immediately opened the Rescue Centre again, and lo and behold...... all my previous Restore Points were back.
    I now had five restore points going back one month.

    This may be helpful to users who experience issues following a Windows 10 Update, and wish to restore to a previous time, but are told there are no Restore Points.
    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.

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    Hello Scannan,

    This is Cicely from IObit.

    Could you please help us to investigate the program?

    Please follow the steps below to provide us with the requested file for our further investigation.

    1) Download the tool from

    2) Double click to run this tool on the PC with problem and click 'Save report'.

    3) After it finishes, you will get a popup window to tell you where the report file is saved. Click 'OK' button to open that saved folder.

    4) Send the zipped file to us so that we can get the detailed information to look into.

    If the mail can't be delivered because of, please upload it to and then send the upload link to us.

    Thanks for your time and assistance in advance.
    IObit Support Team --
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      Hi Cicely,

      There is nothing to investigate. There is no problem with ASC (The Program).
      This is an issue with Windows 10. It is well documented on the Net.
      I wrote this Topic, to assist Users, who have issues, following a Windows Update, and cannot access restore points, because it appears that
      Windows 10 has deleted them.
      To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.