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If You Renew Your License Do Not Download The ASC File On Link

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  • If You Renew Your License Do Not Download The ASC File On Link


    I just renewed and everything went fine until I got the email telling me I had to download ASC and had until such a such a date to download it.

    This is wrong. Do not, I said do not download this file if you are a current user of ASC Pro.

    Here is the how it went and will go for you if make the mistake of downloading this file.

    Avangate sends you about 4 emails for your renewal. One telling you you have to renew. One sending you the receipt after you renew. One sending you the "new license code" and finally one to a link to download the ASC file.

    Do not download this file. It is totally unnecessary even if you are using the free version of ASC . The file they tell you to download is outdated. Let me repeat that The file they tell you to download is outdated.

    It is 5.0 and when you install it it will reset all the settings to default.

    All you have to do

    1. Go to the main GUI
    2. Click on Manage License
    3. Click Refresh
    4. Delete the previous license number
    5. Paste in the new license number
    6. Click Activate
    7. Your new license is activated and the expiration date is updated to one year from the expiration of the old license even if you renew early.

    Viola you are done. No old programs files to download and install. No resetting of your preferences.

    Do not download that file they tell you to. IObit needs to talk to Avangate and get this worked out. You get four emails and not one of them tells you how to properly update your license. SMH


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    Hi iosman

    Thank you for this excellent post. I am sure it will be of great help to other users.

    It is actually quite unbelievable that tis is actually happening and that Iobit have not acted to correct it.
    I sincerely hope that Iobit will resolve this issue and provide a proper service to their Users.
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