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Create Fantastic Skins for ASC 13 (for both PRO and FREE versions)

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    Reply to TheOriginalSplash

    You can change the File call "Classic" *Backup File Before Continue*
    and Config Any File ** "ini" File is too Advanced Recommended Starting with the Easy one like Edit the "Images" Folder **

    Reply to IObit Support

    You Should make a Tutorial on How to Make Skin for ASC *Up-To-Date Only*
    But, If the ASC is Compatible with Newer ASC Version, You can Post a Reply "The Tutorial is Compatible with ASC [ Version ] [ Free, Pro or Both ]
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  • TheOriginalSplash
    I could use a tutorial on how to use this. I want to make a black skin but for the life of me I can't figure out how to use the skin tool.

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  • Create Fantastic Skins for ASC 13 (for both PRO and FREE versions)

    Hello everyone,

    Advanced SystemCare 13 skin tool is ready. You can create your preferred skin with this tool, no matter you are using the PRO or Free version. You can follow the steps below to create your own skin now.

    1. Download the tool from

    2. Extract the zip file and run SkinEdit.exe.

    3. Follow the steps described in the tool to create the skin.

    4. After you finish all the three steps in SkinEdit.exe, the new skin has already been created in Advanced SystemCare program folder. You can click OK to apply the skin or change the skin to your own design one in Options later.

    Hope you can enjoy your own skin.

    Feel free to share your new ASC 13 skin here with others!