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  • Startup Issues

    Under Settings > General I have UNTICKED the box for "Launch automatically at Windows Startup" - yet every time my PC restarts the program launches, adds the program icon to the desktop and to the taskbar.

    This is beyond obnoxious and frustrating. Programs should ASK before adding an icon to the desktop or taskbar. Programs that have an option to not startup should NOT startup.

    I have paid to use the program. I did not pay to be abused by it.

    At this point, DriverBooster is basically malware. It is interfering with the normal use of my PC. If you do not change and fix these features before my sub runs out, I will find another service provider.

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    Sorry to hear that clint. It looks likes that following function on the main program itself doesn't work properly, much better if you check the the startup options manually through "ms-config command or for more information in how to manually disable the startup refer on this link.