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Driver Boostes 6.3 & good old Dell XPS 15 (L502x) with windows 10 experience

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  • Driver Boostes 6.3 & good old Dell XPS 15 (L502x) with windows 10 experience

    I'd like to post about my experience:

    Before using Driver Booster and have it update my drivers, my laptop were having the following to annoyances:
    1) the laptop Fan was constantly running at max speed for brief periods of time and this seems to be a big issue with this laptop and windows 10, see the following pages as an example:

    There are more pages that talk about this issue, but basically I tested nearly all the suggested solutions (Except replacing the fan, because when I was still at windows 7 I replaced by fan because it was wasted and was making weird noises, so for Windows 10 I practically has a new fan)

    2) constantly my laptop was reporting several non present external devices, I have 4 EHDD and usually leave them always connected to my laptop via a powered USB Hub, but the non present external devices reported were between 2000 and 4000 (yes, very high indeed), I used the freeware Device Cleanup tool ( to get rid of them but again after some time the amount of disconnected or non-present devices were very high

    So, after using Driver Booster Pro (6.2 at that time) I updated ALL the suggested devices drivers BUT the key here was to have my USB powered Hub powered off and all my EHDD off as well, for the driver updates to actually being able to fully update ALL the drives, for some reason having the powered USB HUB on with my EHDD was preventing the update to complete.

    After all drivers were updated, I tested by powering my USB hub, ran again Driver Booster, and still reporting all drivers are up to date

    After updating all my drivers the above reported 2 issues were totally gone!

    DJ ektorbarajas: