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What does this message mean ?

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  • What does this message mean ?

    What does this mean, does this mean im being tracked? this list involves many folders in my pc and a great chunk of my browser history, im extremely worried this might mean I've come across a tracker, im usually careful with the links that i open online, but the day this message came to me, i did open some links without checking so anyways any help?

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    No. it means that when you closed your Browser, your browsing history was not cleaned and or completely cleaned.
    Now if you look at the message closely, the first question you should ask yourself, is why is Driver Booster ( a driver update utility) even checking your browser history.
    Now read further down the message, and you will see that Iobit are recommendig that you install ASC which will enable you to clean your browser history when your
    browser shuts down. So basically Iobit have included a program within Driver Booster which scans your browser history and encourages you to install ASC.
    So it is basically marketing ( which as far as I am concerned should not be happening with a Driver Update utility).
    Sadly, this has become the marketing strategy of not just Iobit but the majority of utility programs.

    Additionally, if you want, you can set your Browser to Automatically clean your browsing history when the browser closes.
    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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      It is actually very weird, I was really worried.
      Thank you.