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How to uninstall unwanted bluetooth devices?

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  • How to uninstall unwanted bluetooth devices?

    In "This PC", there are few Bluetooth devices which I paired long ago and also unpaired after I was done with it. But still they are seen there and now I can't remove it. I was using Driver Booster since then. Now I searched for the Bluetooth devices in Driver Booster and found a list of related drivers. So, I want to remove the unwanted shortcuts in my computer. Which driver should I uninstall to remove the unpaired device shortcuts in "This PC"...

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    Bunty S5
    Welcome to the forum.
    This is a very confusing post. Firstly you want to remove Bluetooth devices which you can do with Iobit uninstaller.
    Secondly you have identified the Bluetooth drivers....and want to know which ones to remove, because you seem to think that this will remove shortcuts.
    these are all seperate can uninstall the bluetooth devices using Iobit uninstaller which should remove shortcuts as well. Then use ASC to clean up the shortcuts.
    Leave the drivers alone, as windows comes pre-loaded with some bluetooth drivers and removing them could cause issues.
    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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      Hi, I think you just want to remove/unpair those bluetooth devices that are no longer used? I think you can do this with Windows alone. See below assuming that you're on Windows 8 and good luck.