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Suggestions for Game Booster 3

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  • Suggestions for Game Booster 3

    Please post your suggestions about Gaame Booster 3 in this thread.

    Thank you and cheers.

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    I would like to see the games in the GameBox sorted alphabetically or at least have the option to sort. I have 50+ games & this option would make it easier to find a particular game. Thanks!


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      I would like to see a new interface, new style for game defrag, new skins, monitor performance, management game saves, tips to increase the performance, integration in Windows Explorer, utility for uninstalling games, monitor fps, timer to measure the games start...

      Sorry for my English.
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        could the devs please add the function of monitoring the process of the games that are added to game booster, so that it can start game mode automatically user DskRbt


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          Adding features from other programs would be pretty beneficial to game booster.

          Like virtual gaming desktop from "Advanced System Optimizer"

          You might wanna add some features from programs like TuneUpUtilities 2011, Advanced System Optimizer, Uniblue Powersuite etc if not for game booster then add it to Advanced System Care


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            Virtual Gaming Desktop feature from "Advanced System Optimizer" would be nice


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              If you add additional features GB2 will become bloated and consume additional resources. This is especially a problem with a program which single focus is to reduce resources.


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                Just a few suggestions...

                Faster start up time.

                More improved driver detection.

                Also in the license part, it would be nicer if it showed the expiration date of a key in more detail.

                Better hardware detection.

                And of course a more improved job of speeding up games!


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                  Remove G-Forums Module
                  Leave that awesome new interface!


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                    Yes, I agree with gabreji. the virtual gaming desktop would make you free from those annoying popups you get somethimes from your pc while gaming.

                    Originally posted by gabreji View Post
                    Virtual Gaming Desktop feature from "Advanced System Optimizer" would be nice
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                      Dump the forum button, if I want to go to one I have some I use. Or change it so it brings you to IObit's forums.

                      Ive notice that by default it wants to kill my firewall, wtf is that about. Plus it doesn't add programs like IObit Malware Fighter, I don't need that running when I am playing a game. Put it in the listing

                      I think its funny that you guys think that is necessary but yet you wont to open my computer up to the net by killing the firewall.

                      Virtual gaming I don't care one way or another, no point complaining about resources, if someone wants to use it they can. If not, well don't set it as active. My Av will run any program I choose in Sandbox so it its not there for me it doesn't matter. Its up to IObit if they want to add it.


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                        What I would like to see in Game Booster 3 is a "TOP CPU PRIORITY" feature that downgrade the secondary processes and upgrade the priority of the focused game or application.
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                          Game Booster 3 is quite nice, but I do miss the Ventrilo, Teamspeak 3 and X-Fire installation options. I also lament the disappearance of the game box, which I felt was the coolest feature of my registered copy.

                          I really agree with the idea of being able to organize what was in your game box, such as sorting things alphabetically, customizing the display of the gamebox such as displaying a list or a group of icons (much like Windows 7's explorer) and the ability to resize the gamebox. That would be really helpful. But if the developers insist on keeping the game box out, then perhaps a better idea would be for Game Booster to somehow integrate itself into Windows 7's Game Explorer.
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                            i thinks it working just nicely for me, may be able to adjust the speed in games?


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                              Originally posted by johnnypisoff View Post
                              i thinks it working just nicely for me, may be able to adjust the speed in games?
                              If you mean make games run faster than normal, that could get you banned. That would be a cheat.