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Razer GB not adding certain games

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  • Razer GB not adding certain games

    After the last update to Razer GB, the first thing I noticed was that my list of 25 or so games was cut down significantly. I rescanned for games (a new feature to this update was that GB seemed to grab Steam games more reliably without having to manually add shortcuts from my Desktop) and while I saw newer games I had installed in Steam and some of the older games I had listed before the update, It was obvious that a bunch of the other older titles I had already listed in Razer GB were now missing.

    So I went to the + feature and (after making new desktop shortcuts from Steam of the missing games) tried to add them but it will not work. Instead, every game that I had listed in GB in the previous version that is not showing currently, gives me this message ("Failed to add the game") when I try to add it (via the shortcut on desktop method):

    As it stands now, If I install a new game to Steam it will be detected and show up by Razer GB but anything that was in my old list before this version AND that was not recognized after the update will not be added. I have tried every "removed" game several times to no avail. I end up with 16 of the 36 games I have installed thru Steam showing up in Razer GB and nothing works if I try to add those that are being "ignored" at this point. The only consistency that I have truly found is what I stated... if the game was added already to the prior version of Razer GB and wasn't automatically added after the update, then it just won't be recognized during the "+" add process or by scanning.

    I have reported this to Razer thru the GB application but if anyone has any thoughts/fixes that would be appreciated.
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    Well, today an update popped up for GB so I updated with the hope that the above issue would be resolved. That has not been the case. After the update Razer GB did a scan (a quite long scan in terms of time) and while it did populate my game list with a few more games, it still left a ton out.

    My first questions is "Is there a limit to the amount of games Razer GB will display?" Currently I have 18 games showing. When I saw that all of my installed games were not being seen, I did the add shortcut to desktop method (via Steam) and I got the same message I posted above (the screenshot).

    I am consistently getting the "failed to add game" message and I am left with 15+ games not being dropped into my RGB list.

    Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.


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      7 months later and not a word. I use GB rarely now, since it works somewhat and support is obviously non-existent.


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        Hi Axis,

        Sorry for my late reply.

        For these games that cannot be scanned out by RGB , you can add them manually in the next version of Razer Game Booster. The new version will be released in mid-August.

        If you have any other issues, please feel free to tell us.

        Sorry again that I did not help you timely. For this situation, you can write to directly to get help. :wink:
        IObit Support Team --
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          I am unable to add any games except one (1) to the list. Arma 3.

          So how do I fix this problem. I cannot Add any games except the one. I have at least 40 games installed through steam on two seperate harddrives... :(


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            Hello Lazerath, have you tried running the games from Steam Luncher? Than Razer Cortex should read and recognize the games.

            Also you should try the latest version



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              Yes, if you use latest version of Razer Cortex the games run. Thanks a lot for the help.


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                Originally posted by Angelaledon View Post
                Yes, if you use latest version of Razer Cortex the games run. Thanks a lot for the help.
                I thing the same of you, and in addition, I tried running the game from Steam Luncher and read the games... Thanks!!


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                  I've found myself with a similar issue using Cortex. I recently rebuilt my gaming rig and all my games are installed to a secondary drive (OS is on C:\ and Games are installed to D:\)

                  When Cortex scans for games it finds ZERO... (and if i have them manually added, they disappear on the next scan)

                  I'm going to try installing Cortex to the D:\ drive and see if that makes a difference...