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  • GameBooster + moved Steam Library

    I recently rebuilt my gaming rig. I had copied my steamapps folder with the appmanifest files to a scratch drive. After i rebuilt it, i installed steam, then shut steam down, copied the steam apps directory back to the their locations on my C:\ and D:\ drives. Launched steam, and all my games showed up no problem. I then installed Razer Cortex and it scanned my drives, but is only showing a couple of games, it's not picking up my entire library of installed steam games. I tried removing a game from the library and re-downloading it to see if it would help, no luck. I've installed a couple of other games through origin, and since those were re-downloaded they've scanned in fine. I also have amd gaming evolved/raptr installed, and it's managed to scan the steam library no problem, just seems to be something with razer cortex.

    Is there a file i need to edit to get it to scan my steam library?

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    Many of my Steam games do not show up either. I normally just boost, then launch my games.from Steam so this is not an issue for me.


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      Hi SyberWraith,

      You need to launch the games from Steam. Then Razer Cortex will read and recognize the games.
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        You need to launch the games from Steam.
        Thanks! I tried that and that seems to do the trick.