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Game Booster Stopping browser

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  • Game Booster Stopping browser

    Ok im running windows 7 x64

    Heres the problem before I use game booster v2.3 (pre) I can use my web browser fine. After I use game booster everytime I use my keyboard to type into the browser in the HTTP section the browser crashes. This is the same for all browsers. I can click with my mouse and browse that way however. Even after I restore to normal mode the problem still persists until I do a computer restart.

    Any suggestions Im obviously eliminating something that needs to be running.

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    HTTP access issue

    i have seen your problem on a friends machine. i didn't get to inspect it, but i have to return there laptop soon ill dive in further. i currently cant see my regular unnecessary items til i get a legit 1.6.0, instead of my current 1.6.01 bs , but if you have a check mark spot for HTTP un-check it, maybe you wont have to wait til i dive in her machine.