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How do I make program exceptions?

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  • How do I make program exceptions?

    Whenever I start up a game on Game Booster it closes Xpadder which I need to usee my controller is there a way to put Xpadder on some sort of program exception list so it doesn't close?

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    Hi RazedtoHell, welcome to IObit Forum!

    Since you have not indicated anything about Razer even in your public Profile, I presume you are talking about Game Booster 3.4.
    Click the Configuration and unmark Xpadder process/service and save. Next time GB will not close it.


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      That was a quick one. By the way, what could cause GB to automatically close Xpadder? I mean, is there a fix for that yet? Or any work around?


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        Hi hirsche,

        Please add Xpadder to the processes whitelist of GameBooster by taking instructions below:

        Open Game Booster -> Click Configure button -> Click Edit button -> Click Edit processes whitelist -> Then add Xpadder to the whitelist -> Save the whitelist file.


        Thanks for your timely and kind reply.

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