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    Please leave your suggestions, thought, idea here. We will see them, may discuss with you, and will surely improve Game Booster.

    Thanks in advance.
    We will keep up improving the product and we appreciate your support of IObit.

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    Great tool .

    A Desktop shortcut would be nice.


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      Hi Narxis
      Right click on Sup_GameBooster.exe in the ASC folder file and send it to the desktop as a shortcut.
      Rename it GameBooster and you are all set.

      Originally posted by Narxis View Post

      Great tool .

      A Desktop shortcut would be nice.
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        game booster & ASC

        Another great pruduct by Iobit congrats. never had any problems with any of your software as i run all of them couple times a week. currently im runinng it on a asus formula rampagex38 with pentium e8400 @3.0 ghz ' 4gb corsair dominators runnig @1064 ati visiontek 4870x2.1gig and windows vista ultimate sp1. I really dont need to much of a boost but it knocks out lota backround services that cant be turned off really to easly alowing any 1 to better there performnce 4 games. I even left it runin was surfin web watchin vids and still ran with out a hitch so enjoy keep up the good wrk8-)


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          Hi boundforglory,
          I agree with you about the Game Booster program, but I think stopping the processes (programs), background services and then surfing in the Internet is not a good idea for security reasons.


          - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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            Internet Booster Mode

            Iobit should make a mode for surfing the internet and watching online videos!


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              GameBooster 1.0

              GameBooster 1.0 FINAL or 1.1 coud also turn off UAC In Windows Vista + Windows 7


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                i like redygren's idea


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                  Gday been hearing stories about certain acceleration software gets you ban by punkbuster..
                  Just today got an email asking why did I get banned from your server!
                  This lad was using speederXP which is another software which increases your pc hardware. Punkbuster named it a speed hax. Should we be worried with Gamebooster?



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                    I think not.We're talking apples to oranges here.GB shuts down some unneeded services to help your "internal" performance in terms of CPU.Your bud's program sounds like pipelining on steroids,hogging bandwidth through multiple requests.Also,see post #5 in this thread regarding services disabled while surfing.You don't want to compromise your security.Besides,I'm not sure GB would speed up your internet connection anyway.It just makes more memory and CPU available for "heavy" applications such as games.I disagree with post #3 in the link provided.IObit's description of GB makes no mention of such adjustments or modifications.
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                    Great day and God bless horsepower & Mark Martin


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                      GB good for other things

                      ive been experimenting by using GB to run my netbook in "chopped" mode.
                      on a small machine with limited rescources this really trims down and speeds up a lot of things, frees up half my ram and a lot of cpu time.

                      GB is good for more than games...

                      could it come with a run on startup feature?


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                        how do i get it to boost my ratings in yahoo pool


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                          Using Game Booster.

                          Hi Guys,
                          Just to let you know I have been using Game Booster at:-
                          v8thunderonline fulstop co full stop uk/
                          where we race in a Virtual Online Nascar League.
                          We use Nascar Racing 2003 software for racing in this league, and I have never had any problems using your Game Booster utility!
                          Well done!

                          Many thanks,
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                            I would like to be able to permanently add my own directories to games that Game Booster don't find, so you don't have to search for it every time



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                              i now using Game Booster V1.22 everything is fine but just the dutch laungage file needs a big update. because the text overlays the buttons.