Table of contents:

Post 1. Installation of Free and Pro editions of ASC 3.
Post 2. Over the top/Clean install.
Post 3. Using ASC
Post 4. Thread information
Post 5. Install-Uninstall-Reinstall-Upgrade to newer version
Post 6. About Smart Defrag
Post 7. License and Registration
Post 8. ASC Options
Post 9. ASC Utilities
Post 10. Additional Utilities
Post 11. About Translation
Post 12. Screenshots and Attachments in the Forum
Post 13. Valuable Informative Links
Post 14. Search in the Forum
Post 15. Useful commands in "Run"
Post 16. Acronyms in IObit
Post 17. About Help in the Forum
Post 18. False Positive Alerts about ASC 3 by Security Programs
Post 19. IObit Security 360

Post 20. Miscellaneous

My recommandation is to read it all! You may come across something you hadn't noticed before. :smile: