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  • FORUM USAGE GUIDELINES - Read this first

    Welcome to the forum

    Important > Make sure you have read the thread NEW USER PUBLIC PROFILE POLICY effective on February 01, 2013 !

    OS + Computer Details in your Profile < This MUST be completed
    If you haven't already, please fill out the OS + Computer Details section of your Profile. This will be of benefit to you because those who want to help will have the information at hand and won't need to ask.
    -> Click on User CP (on the bar near the top of every forum page)
    -> Settings & Options (box on the left)
    -> Edit Profile
    -> Registration Required Information - All fields are required.
    -> OS + Computer Details
    -> Put your computer model & OS (operating system)
    Tip: Press the Windows logo key and the (Pause) Break key at the same time. This will launch the System Properties window where you can see information about your computer.
    -> Put your security software (anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall etc)
    -> Put your IObit software
    Example of what you should include:
    - OPERATING SYSTEM: XP Pro sp3 (x32)
    - SECURITY SOFTWARES: ASCU6 (, IMF 1.7 Pro, Windows Firewall, (etc.)
    - IOBIT SOFTWARES: Smart Defrag 2.7, WinMetro, IObit Uninstaller 2.4, (etc.)
    - HARDWARE: Sony VAIO VGN-TX790P notebook, 2 GB RAM, HD 70 GB, (etc.)
    Location (Time zone) < This MUST be completed
    Where you live and time zone with respect to GMT. (This will only be seen by Forum Leaders and not by all members.)
    London (GMT±0)
    Native Language < This MUST be completed
    Your native language.
    English is the language of this forum
    Please post in English, if you need to translate from your native language to English there are some online translators available and a search will find them but here are 2 links:
    Google Translate
    Bing Translator

    Purpose of this forum
    This forum is for the explanation of and assistance with IObit software.
    Please remember, the members and Administrators/Moderators of this forum are volunteers who would like to help if they can but they are not employees of IObit. Plus we all live in various places around the world so a reply might not come immediately.
    If you have purchased the Pro version of IObit software then you are entitled to contact IObit Online Support for assistance

    What we can't help with
    Note: This forum does not sell IObit products or issue licenses, and so, this forum does not have the ability or responsibility to fix payment problems or offer refunds or re-issue a license code
    For help with payment problems & refund request complete the form @ IObit Support - Online Feedback
    If you require a re-issue of a license code you can get a copy sent to your email address @ IObit - Retrieve License
    For assistance with issues other than the use of the software have a look at the IObit Support FAQ first, if you can't find the answer in the FAQ then contact IObit Support
    You can also send an email to

    Are there Rules
    * Forum Leaders (Mediators, Administrators, Moderators etc) have the right to edit or delete any posts they consider inflammatory
    * Any member who knowingly posts inflammatory remarks will be banned

    We don't want to be enforcing a lot of 'rules' so we have made it simple and based on common sense and common courtesy.
    Treat other members in a respectful manner, no foul language, no disruptive posts, no abuse, no spam etc
    Unfortunately some members are not able to maintain common courtesy when it comes to certain topics and so we now enforce these new rules
    * Discussion of religion is not allowed
    * Discussion of politics is not allowed

    Other Software (not IObit)
    This can be discussed but blatant advertising to sell a product (spam) posts will be deleted and could result in a Ban from the forum.

    PM (Private Message)
    See the Your Profile section in the next post for help in sending and receiving PMs
    You might receive a PM from an Administrator or Mediator or Moderator but we will never ask you for personal details.
    Do not respond to any PMs from members (especially new members) asking for personal details etc.
    Do not click on any links that the PM might contain
    Forward the PM to an Administrator or Mediator or Moderator and it will be investigated.
    Do not use PMs for 'private' help sessions. All questions and answers should be posted in the forum, this will benefit all members.

    Email Addresses in the forum
    You should not post your email address on this or any forum, it allows harvesting bots to grab it and then spam you.
    We do not give email support on the forum because the purpose of the forum is to share information with all members.

    Thanks for reading this Important Information
    This is an information (read only) thread and has been Closed it is not possible to ask a question in this thread.
    If you have any questions about this FORUM USAGE GUIDELINES - Read this first thread please post in the General Forum Items section.
    FORUM USAGE GUIDELINES - Read this first
    Description of IObit Forum features and requirements - Reading this is compulsory