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Telephone Fraud -Update

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    Hi Cicely

    This issue is becoming more serious every time it is posted, and telling users not to worry is unacceptable. There is something seriously wrong here. Either Iobit's helpline is being hi-jacked, or Iobit are unable to control their so called Support Partner. I am extremely concerned about this whole business, and it's impact on the reputation of Iobit and the Forum.
    The second number which User Lori mentions ( i1- 844-219-1732) is highlighted as a Scam, see this Link
    The most worrying part about this is that Iobit do not appear to be dis-associating themselves from this practice/harassment but instead are issuing explanations. This issue needs to be dealt with definitively and finally and all necessary steps taken to prevent other users from being subjected to this harrowing experience.
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      Thanks Scannan, great investigation, I totally agree with you.


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        Hi Scannan and enoskype,

        @ Scannan,thanks for making everything clear here. Yes, we should try our best to avoid our users being cheated by this kind of sam that is why we post this thread here.

        I will continue to pay attendtion to these situations and see anything else we can do to avoid this situation.
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          If you received these kind of calls, do not provide any of your personal data. They might be phishing your identity. The same with emails. Do not click any unverified links.



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            Believe me, this was the most irritating thing happened in this week. I was so disturbed with the interception of telephone line. That makes my internet works like darn! Fortunately, line man came and fix the issue, now happy life!


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              Calling the support line on front page and trying to make a purchase the call was confiscated by people with thick accents wanting a lot of personal information and asking me to make a remote connection to them


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                damn this thread was posted the first time i went to school
                now i am a developer how far i went daamn

                Sarkari Result Pnr Status 192.168.l.l
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                  now more frequent