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How do I cancel auto renewal...

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  • How do I cancel auto renewal...

    Hello.. So I got a bill on my paypal yesterday informing me that I had bought another year of advanced system care.. Except I did not agree to this at all. I recieved no warning that I was going to be billed, and it seems like canceling this is going to be extremely stressful to me. Now I've contacted support already, and it seems like they were of no help which is why I'm bringing this to the forums. I don't want another key for advanced system care.. I want to cancel and I want my money back.. Can someone PLEASE help me?

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    Hi Devon.Meister, welcome to IObit Forum! :-D

    Please contact Cicely in the forum by sending her a PM (Private Message) or send an e-mail to for the attention of her.

    You can not get help from the users in the forum on your specific subject.


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      Since you have already been billed, as enoskype says, Cicely of the IObit Team is the only one who can help with this

      For future reference and the for the information of others reading this thread:
      You should have received a renewal notification email from Avangate but it might have gone to your spam folder.
      Dear your name,

      This is an auto-renewal notification for IObit product.

      Your license will expire on date and has the "auto-renew" option enabled.
      This means that Avangate will automatically renew the license for you in ? days.
      You will receive a separate email with payment details for this recurrent billing.

      In case you want to change the “auto-renew” option, please access your Avangate myAccount at:
      From the Avangate Shopper Support FAQ

      How do I register with Avangate myAccount?

      How can I stop my subscription payments (cancel auto-renewal)?

      All the best, woz of oz
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        Hi Devon.Meister,

        Thanks for your feedback.

        If you enabled the auto renewal service when you purchased at the first time, your license code will be renewed automatically when it is going to expire.

        However, as wozofoz said " You should have received a renewal notification email from Avangate but it might have gone to your spam folder“, you can write to us to cancel the auto renewal service before it happens.

        Now the refund has been issued.You will get your money back within one or two working days.

        Thanks for supporting IObit.
        IObit Support Team --
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