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Windows XP & Windows Vista Compatibality not neccessary anymore

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  • Windows XP & Windows Vista Compatibality not neccessary anymore

    Dear IOBbit

    I just wanted to bring to your attention that it is no longer necessary to for all your products to support Windows XP and Windows Vista as both the mainstream and / or extended support already ended for both Windows XP and Windows Vista (Windows XP extended support ended on April 8, 2014? & Windows Vista extended support is soon ending on 11 April 2017. Even Windows 7 mainstream support already ended on January 13, 2015.

    This means that most people who use to use Windows XP and / or Windows Vista already upgraded to Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 or 10 and is no longer using them. Which means it is not necessary to support those OS's anymore because you and the customer won't be benefiting from it anymore due to this.

    It also means that it will save you development time in future for example.

    Please take my advice into consideration,

    I am sure other people will agree with me on this.



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    Not necessarily true. Here is but one example, that could considered mainstream rather than just individual use.
    Must be a lot of individual users around the world still on XP and Vista.


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      I agree with atailor1, and Microsoft is keeping the XP based POSReady 2009 machines updated security wise until April 2019,

      Please see If you wish to continue to get the MS updates for XP untill April 2019! Unless MS blocks the hack!!! ! topic.

      I do keep my test XP laptop updated with this workaround!


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        Hi AGPeens,

        Thanks for your suggestion and sweet consideration for our development team.

        Undoubtedly, more and more people will upgrade to Windows 7/8/10 . But I believe there are still lots of people keeping Windows XP which is the myth of an era.

        Currently, we do not have the plan to stop support for Windows XP. IObit aims to help every one optimize his'/her system. We will try our best to support the system as long as users are still using xp.

        IObit Support Team --
        If you're happy with our products, please tell your friends, families and colleagues about IObit and IObit products! We'd be very grateful!


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          Windows 7 is the best operating system I have used in life


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            Hi AGPeens,
            Actually a lot of banks use older versions of Windows (XP) so they use it in ATM's and because of it they need to be secure and Iobit product could be really useful for them.
            And in my opinion I think it''s better to continue supporting this versions of windows :)