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    Hi, as an entrepreneur in the Czech Republic, I am eligible to purchase software abroad without VAT. So I contacted IOBIT support via their contact form and on Facebook asking for a quote for Uninstaller and Driver Booster for 10 PCs. After many days ZOE wrote me off and I have to send a certain amount to her e-mail. However, I do not respond to my request for further information. I'm really clueless and I don't know how to explain to them that my bank doesn't allow me to send a payment to my e-mail address and that I need to issue an invoice with what I send and pay it with 0% VAT. If they write to the e-mail where she wrote me so I do not get the answer even if I write on facebook or again through their form. Please, is there any possibility to contact the sales department of this company directly?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I suggest you should ask the support center or the admin to have the answer for your question. However, in my view, even you can purchase software abroad without VAT, you still have to pay for the real price of the product. So I think the money you were asked to pay is the price friv


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      hermionie, welcome to our forum and thanks for your reply.

      Farkpoint, sorry we did not reply your post the the first time. Well, the VAT depend on where you are. If your country has VAT for this program, there should be. If your country do not have VAT for this program, there will not be VAT.
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