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IObit and Norton - Compatibility Issues?

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  • IObit and Norton - Compatibility Issues?

    Hello all, I have always liked Norton on my computer at work, but do not have it at home, I use a combination of free programs. But today I was perusing the interwebs and discovered something to my horror. I am also a loyal(er) customer of IObit, a small software company that makes very helpful and free programs that are quite popular, a lot of you may know them. But back to the horror... upsers Here is a quote from the IObit forums, from someone I assume is an IObit employee.
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    Hi Guillotte_D,

    Welcome to our forum.

    Could you please tell us the precise " Compatibility Issues"? that you mentioned? Please describe it more clearly with related screenshots.

    Guide for taking screen shots can be found on:

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    IObit Support Team --
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