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  • Attention iobit

    The News & Offers section of the Forum needs to be kept updated.
    For example Iobit Uninstaller V10 has not been updated in News & Offers. The last update there is V9.5.
    Additionally, Cicely's post of the 16th June 2020 in the Uninstaller section for V10 (
    has a download link for CNET and not Majorgeeks.
    Iobit have on numerous occasions assured users that the download link would be a Mojorgeeks link as CNET links have caused huge issues for Users in the past, with
    bundleware etc,....

    Surely it is not too much trouble for Iobit to do such simple things as updating the News & Offers section and supplying Majorgeeks links.
    If this is indeed too much trouble for Iobit, then please say so. Then Users can be warned that the download links being provided by Iobit are unsafe and if Users
    want to download Iobit products they should download them directly from the Majorgeeks site, as the Forum and Iobit links are unsafe.
    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.