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  • IObit Spyware-Malware Removal Help Forum!

    In an effort to take the IObit forums into a new area of help over the last week we have discussed, then created, and now opened the new Spyware-Malware Removal Help! forum as a separate area dedicated to virus, spyware, rootkit and all other forms of malware removal. This section will be for users who need help in removing stubborn malware that either their antivirus or an IObit product can not do alone.

    This new forum will allow for different sections of the IObit Security 360 forums for general security topics and specialized malware removal. We hope that all members will understand that this will be a closed forum where only the topic starter and members with the Malware Fighter title can post. This will allow for more specialized help and will ensure that there is less confusion. Multiple people posting to a complicated fix can add a lot of unnecessary confusion.

    If you would like to join the team and become a Malware Fighter please refer to this topic. Would you like to learn to fight malware?

    If you have any questions or suggestions please post in THIS topic under General Discussion IS360 section.

    Thank you. :grin:
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