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ASC 3.1.1 is available

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  • ASC 3.1.1 is available

    Advanced SystemCare 3.1.1 is available.

    The Setup File is for both FREE and PRO editions.

    Download Now from MajorGeeks. (asc-setup.exe size: 7866 KB) (AWC.exe version :

    Downlad from
    You can download most of the older versions from the drop down menu in cnet downoad link.

    Download from Author's Site .

    Advanced SystemCare Update History
    + Improved Registry scan module

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    Installation of F R E E and P R O editions of ASC 3.

    Hi Everybody,

    Regardless of what it says on the third party web pages, unless it is officially announced by IObit or here in this IObit Forum (Example: HERE) , there is only one Setup file for FREE and PRO editions.

    -When you install ASC 3 over old version of your own ASC 3 edition, the edition of the new version will be the same as respective to your edition.

    -If you are a new user of ASC 3, or a user of AWC2 Personal, it will install as FREE edition.
    You can upgrade to ASC 3 PRO edition by buying it and entering the User Name and License Code (which is sent to your e-mail), into the FREE version.

    -If you are a user of AWC2 Professional edition with future expiration date, when you install the setup of ASC 3 on top of it, it will ask you if you wish the old License Code to be converted to a new one, then it will create the new License Code for you.
    Someone who has the problem with license code conversion can go to, and enter your correct, application e-mail address. Then you will get the new License Code that has been converted into ASC V3's License Code.

    -If you still have a problem, please read this post of Tim Xue.

    Thank you and Cheers.

    - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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      Thanks Enoskype-No stupid questions this time-Found it,Got it,Good!!
      Great day and God bless horsepower & Mark Martin


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        i hope in a few versions we can just use iobit update :)
        Tools I use: CCleaner, Quicksys Registry Cleaner, and of course, Advanced SystemCare 3 PRO(with Smart Defrag)!
        Security Programs: Avira Premium Security Suite, Spybot Search and Destroy, Spyware Blaster, and Comodo Internet Security(no antivirus).


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          Yes. ASC can detect the license file, so user don't have to install 2 versions of ASC.

          We usually release a new version on and, as majorgeeks update within 12 hours, you will see the new version available on Majorgeeks first. But if you see the digital signature of the setup file, that's our official release.
          IObit Development Team


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            Hi Tim-That's nice,but why doesn't the auto update feature handle this in ASC? Every paid utility I run updates to it's newest version automatically if you choose that option.I have auto updates activated for ASC,but don't recall ever seeing an update downloaded and installed automatically on any Iobit utility I've used.What's up with that?
            Great day and God bless horsepower & Mark Martin


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              I spoke too soon

              Well, it's about five hours past that last post and I opened ASC,and an update window appeared! Very nice-I like it! Thank you Tim-Happy Holidays
              Great day and God bless horsepower & Mark Martin