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IObit Uninstaller 5.0.Beta 1.0 is released! [June 25, 2015]

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  • IObit Uninstaller 5.0.Beta 1.0 is released! [June 25, 2015]

    IObit Uninstaller 5.0 Beta 1.0 ( is released! [June 25, 2015]

    From: MajorGeeks (Setup file : iobituninstaller_beta.exe version: size: 9663 KB) [June 25, 2015]
    Executable : IObitUninstaler.exe version : size : 4460 KB

    Version History for IObit Uninstaller 5.0:

    + Enhanced Powerful Scan to remove leftovers more completely and faster
    + Optimized uninstall process to make it simpler and faster
    + Quick Uninstall supports more programs
    + Monitor and remove malicious browser plug-ins and injected programs
    + Support removing the plugins not installed via Chrome store
    + Support continue the last uninstall interrupted by system reboot
    + Added 4 new tools: Cleanup, Windows tools, Startup and Process
    + Brand new UI

    With Powerful Scan and Forced Uninstall feature, all leftovers can be removed completely from your computer just like they were never installed in your PC. What's more, IObit Uninstaller pay more attention to malicious browser plugins, tool-bars and injected programs to protect your online security. By using IObit Uninstaller, you can even remove the unwanted malicious plugins or tool-bars which can't be deleted by an anti-spyware program.


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    Try to make the UI more flat (no shadows and not to much complexity), you should also add a white/blue theme :)


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      I installed and I test the application.


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        Shredding seems noticeably slower with new beta.


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          The resolution is way to hi, I bearly see anything.
          the resolution of actual official version of Uninstaller is perfect for me.


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            I've just downloaded this beta, and it is great.. However, I want to suggest something regarding the "Reboot to delete", this feature requires a reboot to delete the remaining files, and its not a problem of course, I know that the remaining files can't be deleted manually, but I've tried the IObit Unlocker to unlock and delete the remaining files and it worked.. My suggestion is to combine those feature, by deleting the remaining files (which is "Reboot to delete") by just unlocking and deleting it with IObit Unlocker or add it on IObit Uninstaller.. I don't know about the registry that also requires a reboot but I know you get my point.. Hope this gives you an Idea :) .. Thanks anyway :)


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              I believe you should add feature that shows which hard-drive the program is on, the ability to sort by hard-drive, and the ability to hide a hard-drive.
              Other then that i find this beta to be pretty good. Liking the ui change just hope we can get a dark version


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                I do not like this new version. The sidebar is poorly designed. Please, can copy the design of the v3.0.2.71 (beta) of Driver Booster? And please, change the main color to black, blue is not beautiful. Thanks!


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                  I am loving it. It is faster, the U.I is well organised - no need to look for stuff. Uniinstaling is super fast as compared to the previous versions. I love that you can delete more stuff - anything with .exe (good for those silly items that just instal on your computer.


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                    Nice little software, clean and easy to use, cool interference, will surely make a review and put it on my website.