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What's the POINT of Random Password Generator (dumb computer user alert but serious question!)

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  • What's the POINT of Random Password Generator (dumb computer user alert but serious question!)

    Dear Anyone. Surely the point of a password is that you use the SAME ONE every time you hit a site, or you'd be spat out on incorrect password wouldn't you? I mean, I've misspelled my password on sites often (thus randomly creating a new one!) and gotten spat out every time So what's the point of having a program that generates a new password every time you hit a site?

    I'm sorry, I don't get it or get the point of having it. But I DO accept I'm probably being stupid/not seeing something here. So if anyone could let me down gently and tell me where I'm going wrong?

    Yours hopefully


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    This is kinda interesting, Honestly currently so far I am not seeing any websites that has the ability to generate new password at all the time, can you please provide us a specific website that has that specific ability, or I am wondering that you are talking about a specific software with random password generator I think? I forgot to mention that I think you are talking about the APPLE Keychain, because it has that specific ability.


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      Hi Firdovsi,

      ulrichburke is talking about the Iobit product in
      Random Password Generator - [Open Source Project] topic which is also

      downoadable from Random Password Generator 1.3 Released! (Nov o9, 2012) [(Updated 0313) (Updated 20140305) (Updated 20150310)][Updated(20150716) July 16, 2015]


      It is exactly created for to use the same strong password for the same sites as they are logged in the program software.
      In summary, your randomly created strong passwords are kept in the program to be used for next time you want to use them.



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