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  • Softonic download issues

    I have been struggling to get updates to my IOBit free programmes for several weeks now. Ever since IOBit started using Softonic as their preferred download site, I've been unable to successfully download updates...the process starts but the download never actually begins...the video plays to 'show me how to install' the update, but the download in my Chrome window doesn't happen. I've also tried using Firefox and get the same result. I'm about to abandon ship here and uninstall everything IObit since I can't update anything. Suggestions?

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    I do not know why you think Softonic is Iobit's preferred download site.
    If you had looked in the News & Updates section of the Forum you would have seen that the official download mirror is Majorgeeks.
    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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      Thanks, but when I click on the download link on the IObit website it takes me only to Softonic...


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        Whe you say "the IObit website"... do you mean the download link in the News & Updates section of this forum, because I have just tested it and it takes me to
        To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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          When I get a notification on my PC saying that there is an update due I click on the link which takes me to IOBit's website and I click on the download button for the free then takes me to Softonic with no other choice of mirrors


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            Until today I had no idea this forum existed...I found it only because I've been struggling for over a month to 'update' my IOBit programmes due the to Softonic downloads not activating when clicked.


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              Yes, this has been an issue for a long time and there have been many posts asking Iobit to remove the Softonic link. Unfortunately Iobit
              have not done so and it seems they are unlikely to do so.
              So in future when you see an update notice, do not click the link. Instead go to the News & Update section of the forum and download the update there.
              To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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                Thanks...will do...too bad about all the other folks who won't have known or been able to find the forum!! Thanks for the advice.


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                  If you click on technical support in the settings list and look under Support, you will find the Iobit Forum.
                  Also if users google an issue with an Iobit product, you will usually see the forum listed.
                  But, it should not be so difficult....sadly Iobit are just not good with customer service/support, which is unfortunate because the majority of their products are very good.
                  To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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                    Hi chasfliesu?

                    Sorry I did not read your post timely.
                    Scannan, thanks for your timely and patient reply.
                    Well, it seems that many users met the download issues on Softonic and we are trying to find out the reasons.
                    @ chasfliesu, to look into the issue, please kindly help us look into the issue as follows:

                    1) what are the programs that you tried to update from Softnoic but failed?
                    1) Please open and search for the program you want to update and download it again to see whether you can download the latest version directly from softonic.
                    2) Please check whether you have DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials or any other plug-ins that may block the download. You can check the plug-ins from your browser or IObit Uninstaller.
                    Download IObit Uninstaller from
                    Please try to disabled the related security programs to see whether you can download successfully.
                    3)Please kindly tell us the precise name of the security program(anti-virus) that you are using.
                    4) If you still failed to download the updates from softonic, if possible, please kindly record a video to show the whole processes you did to get updates so that we can know the issue better. If it is not available for video, the related screenshots should also be helpful.

                    By the way, if you still can not download IObit programs directly from softonic directly, please try whether you can download other programs instead of IObit.

                    Looking forward to hearing from you.

                    IObit Support Team --
                    If you're happy with our products, please tell your friends, families and colleagues about IObit and IObit products! We'd be very grateful!