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Suggestion Remove of Spyware (telemetry)

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  • Suggestion Remove of Spyware (telemetry)

    it's no secret people that use a PC this current age getting data mine like no tomorrow
    Nvidia is doing also spying, people used to be enable to uninstall NVdia Telementry but they removed the command line within the Regedit
    (yea they really did this with the last update)
    so if you wanna remove the telemetry you need to do some nasty stuff like deleting the whole file system and remove the DLL's involve the process

    it would likely be very appreciated by many people if IObit offers a service to remove telemetry for instance of Nvidia and other company's

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    Yes, that's what they do to their users nowadays. Personally I disabled all telemetry in my copy of Windows and deleted all unnecessary Nvidia stuff.
    Another step for taking back privacy is setting up a VPN, here's what I found on how to hide my IP.