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  • IObit Official Statement

    Hi all,

    Iím Jessie who is handling public relations in IObit. I appreciate your attention to our latest free software, IObit Toolbox, which is still in beta. We appreciate any form of feedback regarding our software, good or bad. We have no problems with that, because all these help us to build better products, but we can't tolerate intentional slanders either.

    For this issue, I officially claim we have not copied anything from TuneUp Utilities, neither functionalities nor the design. Many of these tools have already been a part of Advanced SystemCare since 2006, and all of them are developed by our company independently. Of course, there might be some similarities in the GUI and wording, because both the products use the " Office StyleĒ and step-by-step Guide window. it's difficult to make the interface, product name and description different when the differents software have similar functions. IObit Toolbox is a suite of 26 tools but only a few ones have the similar looking.

    However, since this has already become a concern for some users, we are open to make changes to the design and wording to reduce the similarities. Feel free to contact directly
    IObit Support Team--

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    (Iím Jessie) hi to you this is so nice of you.
    .i am itsmejjj

    "we are open to make changes to the design and wording to reduce the similarities. Feel free to contact directly "

    well don't get any better than this ,this is a top move ,and thank you,
    you are going all out..this should stop a lot of misunderstanding.and unneeded
    posts.!(but we can't tolerate intentional slanders either.) and this should stop this as now thy can contact iobit with any concern..or grievance.

    my hat is of to you iobit!
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      just read it. perhaps you should of not pointed to it?
      still .

      that good sir you removed it.good wise move.
      reason i am editing the post ,a mod posted a link ,that i read and reacting to.and as he rid the link i rid this as well
      as it makes no sence with out that link posted
      think before you post,yep always..
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        I really can't see the problem, but that's maybe just me.
        I hope you can sort out these "problems" though.

        itsmejjj...think before you post :roll:

        - Nash


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          More Tools

          Iobit Toolbox would be good to have a care tool that prevents Windows from not responding.