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    So I just became aware of the fact that Iobit unlocker supports command line arguments. Probably the main reason for this is because documentation concerning this feature is NON EXISTENT!! The only reason I know is because, on a whim, I tried using the "/?" argument when calling the executable from the command line, which results in a popup Window displaying its usage. And that is where my problem lies. Not only is the command line feature for IObit unlocker not documented anywhere, the information provided by running the executable with "/?" is hilariously lacking:
    Command line usage:
    IObitUnlocker.exe Command [Option] Object



    None: "Path1","Path2","Path3"
    delete: "Path1","Path2","Path3"
    Rename: "Path1","Path2","Path3" "NewName1","NewName2","NewName3"
    Move: "Path1","Path2","Path3" "NewPath"
    Copy: "Path1","Path2","Path3" "NewPath"

    So I can gather what the "command" portion does (though it is unclear as to if it requires a preceding "/", but I guess trial and error will have to figure that huh?), but what do the "option" switches do? No explanation whatsoever...... And is there a switch to run the command line utility using the "force" option for which there is a checkbox you can select in the GUI version of the application?
    Also, just word to the wise (not that anybody gives a
    Click image for larger version

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    about good advice now-a-days), but it would probably be a good idea to a) actually document this feature somewhere so that people know it exists and b) make the help content accessible from within the tool know.....good. But yeah, an in-depth explanation as to the workings of the command line usage of the tool would be awesome.
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    I agree with you whiggs it would be nice and very useful to have CLI usage of Iobit unlocker documented.
    I searched for it also and can`t find nothing...

    Maybe we can make a helpful list as a community, with help of Cicely and other prominent members..