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Should I use Random Generator?

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  • Should I use Random Generator?

    Hi everyone, Feeling a bit intimidated here, but have a newbie question. I have a difficult remembering my own passwords. Is there a function in this program that I can automatically access + enter my password into apps?(like Windows autofill) Thanks in advance.

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    Hi themarshall,

    Welcome to IObit Forum:razz:

    It is not suggested to auto-fill the password of Random Password Generator. Because in this way, there is a great possibility that all the passwords saved in Random Password Generator are exposed.
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      Hi themarshall.

      Write your passwords down and keep the paper in a safe place! :shock:

      Live long and prosper!


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        Welcome to the forum themarshall :smile:

        You might want to have a look at KeePass.
        KeePass is free software that can store all your passwords and then you just have to remember one master password (make it strong) to open KeePass.

        • When you are entering a new item in KeePass it will automatically suggest a strong password but you can change that if you want.

        • You can also add a URL address that can be launched from KeePass and also add a note to the item.

        • Double click on the password and it will be copied to the clipboard for 10 seconds giving you enough time to paste it into the password field, then it is deleted from the clipboard.
        Note: If you use a clipboard manager like Ditto the password will probably not be deleted from it's database, you should do this manually.
        But the method I use is: I adjusted the KeePass window size so that it sits near the bottom of the screen and have KeePass set to Always on Top so I can read the password and type it.

        • I use Classic Edition - Portable KeePass (ZIP Package)
        You can install the portable version to a folder on your computer, create a shortcut and use it like any other software on your computer.
        You can also copy that KeePass folder to a flashdrive and use it on another computer plus you then have a backup copy of the KeePass folder in case of a bad computer crash

        All the best, woz of oz
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