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Permanently remove the Mobile app in W7

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  • Permanently remove the Mobile app in W7

    Since ASC has crippled my Firefox I don't want the same to happen to my phone. No matter how often I uninstall the mobile app, it keeps coming back, prompting me to install ASC on my phone.

    On my main PC I have now removed ASC completely, but my wife wants to keep the basic functions. Does anyone know how I remove the mobile installation icon which keeps installing itself on the desktop of the W7 laptop?


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    Hi AndyB, welcome to IObit Forum! :-D

    I would try Powerful uninstalling ASC with stand alone IObit Uninstaller 3, and remove all the related folders below with all their contents :
    C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\IObit\Advanced SystemCare V7
    C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\LocalLow\IObit\Advanced SystemCare V7
    C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 7
    C:\ProgramData\IObit\Advanced SystemCare V7

    You have to have your files/folders unhidden to see some of those folders.

    Reinstall the latest version available as of now from: Advanced SystemCare 7.1 ( is released! thread.

    If you don't use ManageMyMobile in the Toolbox and do not have a look for Advanced Mobile Care in the Action Center, I believe you will not be bothered with the notices to install that program.


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      Thanks for the quick reply.

      I'll try that and see if works over the next 2 or 3 days.

      I just know that on my PC I did not select it and it popped up on my desktop anyway. I'm using the Pro version and have a 3rd machine, which I have not used for a week, so I'll see if this one also starts installing the Mobile icon on its own when it does the ASC update.



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        It wont ask you to install amc on phone if you don't open MMM or click action center item(Advanced mobile care)


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          I now know what happened. The laptop just updated and during the update it ran through a "tutorial".

          On my desktop PC I just clicked "next" all the time, thinking it really was just a tutorial, not realising that my previous settings were not used this time around but were overwritten and the mobile phone icon was launched. On the laptop I picked it up and averted the crisis I am experiencing on my PC.

          I still don't have full control over my browser and will need to completely reset it and lose a lot of time-saving information. The fact that I am getting iobit marketing stuff now has helped me decide to abandon iobit applications completely as I don't trust the company any longer.