Dear I-Obit, I have been using your products for many years now and have been vary impressed with the way you have prided your self in your product. The fact that you don't release a feature unless it can do what it promises.All i can say is when i tried the tracking ability i was vary disappointed in the fact you let this go live before it was perfect. I will let you know step by set my problem with this tracking ability on the app. (Yes the app is on auto update and it is up to date)

problem 1. i wish it caused your data to turn on than off when you track it (so when the phone is stolen) you can track it anytime. otherwise it uses my little bit of data i have.

problem 2. i would like the ability to add more than one device to an account to be able to track it. (a plus for adding your wife and kids devices)

problem 3. the tracking SUCKS at the moment. i was at my house and i had tracked my phone and it told me it was 5 blocks away from where i was and it was 2 feet from me. Than i tracked it again and it told me i was at work. which was 30 blocks away. it is not a live ping and updates every 20 mins or so.

ways to improve the product

suggestion 1. make the app turn on data and location for a split second so it can be tracked ACCURATELY.
suggestion 2. Live update, when you hit locate it tracks it on the spot with a as little to no error
suggestion 3. able to add more than 1 device to the account
sand suggestion 4. email alerts when for when my kids arrive at there finds house and set addresses that when they enter that area it sends you and email that they have arrived

Thank-you for your time.