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    Is AMC available for a windows phone nokia lumina 635

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    Hi annie14964,

    Unfortunately, AMC Security (Advanced Mobile Care) software is only for phones/tablets using Android operating systems and not suitable for Windows phones/tablets and/or iPhones/iPads.


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      Yeah You can use it well the app use to be great, now it doesn't work at all. I have uninstalled and re-installed multiple times, restarting my phone between. Now all I get is no connectivity. Very disappointing. Microsoft needs to do something about the lack of apps and good apps on their phones ir its time to jump ship.

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        Originally posted by annie14964 View Post
        Is AMC available for a windows phone nokia lumina 635

        AMC Pro isn't available for Windows Phone, it supports only Android smartphones and tablets. You may use any other software for Windows phone, or i suggest changing your mind from Symbios to Android asap. I don't think Windows phone are as good as Android phones, there are many things you can do using an android phone which can't be done in a windows phone. So many useful free apps are available at play store. Switching to Android from Symbios is a must go.