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AMC Security and LG K-7 ANDROID

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  • AMC Security and LG K-7 ANDROID

    I have the alarm on my LG K7 set so I can get up with my daughter for school. I am using AMC Security. However my alarm went off for only about 2 seconds this morning and automatically went to the screen lock. I never even got the chance to hit the snooze button. Why did this happen? It never has before AMC Security and I have had AMC on my phone for about a week and my daughter was home sick all last week. Please help me so I don't have to uninstall it!

    I use a lot of your programs on my computer and have never had any issues. I love the programs and will never change to any other program. I plan on starting my business soon and will be getting paid versions.

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    Hi Mustanggirl79,

    Has this already been resolved?

    Have you already checked also on your phone settings specifically on the notification settings?

    And also can you please specify the product's version?