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    I am running the new version and very pleased as was with the previous version. I will be asking a friend to download as her system is plagued with a virus and and this program is better than what she has, Thank you again for providing great products


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      I'm not sure why, but the main window pops up randomly. Not after a scan or to ask for my intervention, just the main MF3 window pops up, such as right in the middle of me working. Strange. It's happened a couple of times. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n201936[/ATTACH]
      They will make a better fool tomorrow @LoneWolffe


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        Great interface, and excelent


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          Originally posted by Cicely View Post

          Hi Eldrants,

          Sorry for the trouble you encountered.

          Please help us investigate with the steps below:

          1. Regarding the issue "it always popup when nothing is wrong except scanning in process ", please provide us with the detailed information.
          2. Concerning the issue "sometimes the windows action center didn't detect the malware fighter if its already enabled.", please send us the screenshot of the trouble so that we can check it clearly.
          3. As for the third issue, please inform us which games/software has such trouble. Please send us the screenshot of the error message for our further investigation.

          Guide for taking screenshot.

          Thanks for your time in advance.
          1. this #77 i think the older version do it silently or stealth scanning but on this version, always pop up and doing scan when my pc was idle. dont want the pop up thingy. unless it detect virus.

          2. i guess this has already been fixed. sorry my memory must have been mixed.

          3. Payday 2 with approved mod, Phantasy Star Online 2, many more. especially mmo games, that got anti-cheat protection like nProtect GameGuard, xTrap, HackShield. i guess it because of the third party software. punkbuster seems ok but if not mistaken i think imf have issue with the punkbuster in the past. the games just wont launch, even i provide some screenshots, it's... well i'll provide some then.
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            Love The program .


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              The new version of Malware Fighter is as it is a MAJOR improvement from the old one, which I had actually stopped using some time ago. This incarnation of the software seems to not be as much of a memory eater as the old version (important on machines that use older DDR2 or in some cases DDR ram that on some older machines is limited to 2GB). That is a big difference for many who still use older machines, especially those who still do because of legacy applications that do not work in 64-bit versions of Windows, even with emulators such as DOS BOX.

              There does not seem to be too much that needs to be adjusted in the new version from where it is now.


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                Happy to say that I have nothing to add to my first post. An that is gooood. THNX


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                  iobit-malware-fighter-3 needs a game mode to detect when a game is running and not popup its scan windows causing the game window to be minimized


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                    File Corrupted Error: Screenies Attached
                    They will make a better fool tomorrow @LoneWolffe


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                      Originally posted by bnjroo View Post
                      File Corrupted Error: Screenies Attached
                      I received this same error this morning. ran update and file was fixed.

                      Ran a scan at low priority. took 8:35 min:sec.

                      Found it easy to use and customize.


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                        Really love it so far! The only thing I would recommend is adding an option to take the notifications off because sometimes I'm doing something and it takes me out to show me the notification.


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                          Here are my 2 cents worth …

                          The IObit Malware fighter seems to work fine, however, it would help if there was an indication of which drive is being checked. Assuming that it is “only” drive C;\ is not good enough. I would like to be in a position to select the drive I want to check for malware.
                          IObit seems to be faster than Malwarebytes. But can I schedule a regular scan in IObit Malware fighter?

                          Thanks – and happy New Year!

                          Juergen Buche


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                            I like the new interface! Which drive is being checked? That isn't evident...
                            I have never had IOBit Malware Fighter detect any malware. The only malware that has been introduced into my computer has come from earlier versions of Advanced SystemCare by introducing Spigot, a much despised product.
                            It is great to see that this program hasn't popped up this time around!!
                            Displaying an expected time for completion of the scan would be very helpful in order to plan operations around scanning.


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                              so far so good, been having problems with a few maleware problems(i cinema and vosteran) and it seems like this might work, would highly recomend


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                                second scan, still no problems. loving the new version, seems quicker then last time