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  • More than one user problem

    I have Malware fighter 7 pro on my computer under Philip. My wife also has an account on the same computer. When she logs in a warning comes up Saying " Iobit malware fighter is running under the account Philip, if you continue to run it under the current account, Iobit malware fighter will end all its work under the account Philip. Continue? yes or No"......
    What is the problem? will my account not be covered if she clicks Yes?

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    Anyone please


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      Originally posted by karateman View Post
      Anyone please
      I am sorry that you have not received a response to your issue.
      I do not use Malware Fighter but I did try to find an answer for you but I was unsuccessful, as this does not seem to be a common fault.
      Unfortunately Iobit's support contribution to the Forum has deteriorated drastically, and Iobit support now rarely responds to issues in the Forum.
      The only recommendation I can make is that you contact Iobit directly via email. this often works where users need help. If you do succed with a solution,
      please post it here as it may hel others.
      You can contact Iobit
      Note: You should reference this Topic in the email, so they know you posted on the Forum.
      To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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        Hi karateman,

        Sorry for my late reply. Welcome to our forum.

        Well, IObit Malware Fighter will still protect your account Philip even your wife click "Yes" as IObit Malware Fighter protects your Whole PC. The notification just means if you are scanning with IObit Malware Fighter, the san will be stopped but your PC(your account) is still protected.

        Scannan, thanks for your timely reply.

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