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Various apps crash

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  • RuskinF
    started a topic Various apps crash

    Various apps crash

    I recently got a subscription of Office 365 for my PC. A month or so after that Office 365 started crashing a lot. I contacted Microsoft support and got a support ticket raised. They said that the issue was caused by a Third-party security app. I've been facing same issue with Jarvee, 7zip and VLC media player but to a lesser extent. Would it be caused by Iobit malware fighter 7 or by some virus that has infected these apps and Iobit Malware fighter trying to remove it.

  • Cicely
    Hi RuskinF,

    Sorry for my late reply.

    Do you mean that you get crashes from Office 365 Jarvee, 7zip and VLC media player? Could you please send us the related screenshots to show the crashes so that we can know the issue better.
    By the way, you can try to Exit IObit Malware Fighter temporarily to see whether the issue repeats.

    By the way, please download the tool from
    Double click to run this tool on the PC with problem and click 'Save report'.
    After it finishes, you will get a pop up window to tell you where the report file is saved. Click 'OK' button to open that saved folder.
    Send the zipped file to us so that we can get the detailed information to look into.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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