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  • Make it stop!

    I'm getting hella false positives and I want to have some sort of "allow programs" is there a way to do this so I don't have to unclick a thousand boxes every time I run a scan when there is 1 thing i do want removed? And can I make it stop blocking things? I purchased it to be a help not an annoyance

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    nvm i found it but its still less of a pain to just turn it off until i find i need it


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      Hi Dysfunct1onal,

      So, you have found that there is an Ignore list and Ignore function and also Remember Actions function in IMF.


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        Hello Dysfunct1onal,

        To check whether it is false positive, please provide us with more information below:

        1. Give us the scan log
        2. Upload the reported file to and supply the report links.
        3. Zip the file with password "infected"and upload it to and give us the download link.

        Thank you.
        IObit Support Team --
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