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Wndows Update for Meltdown Fix

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  • Wndows Update for Meltdown Fix

    I have read that when MS pushes the update to fix the Meltdown issue it is possible that users will experience BSODs if a registry flag is not set by AV programs. Has IMF been patched to handle this?
    I am currently using IMF version 5.4.

    Thank You!!
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    Please tell your users if IMF 5 is compatible with Microsoft's Meltdown Patch(es).


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      I wonder if they even monitor this? Anyhow, I just installed a partial update from Microsoft and I didn't get a BSOD. I also noticed the registry flag mentioned above is set now, so my fingers are crossed.


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        Hi Guys,

        Sorry for my late reply.

        Our program is compatible with Microsoft's Meltdown Patch(es). Guessing you have got the notification to update the patch. If you meet any issues, please feel free to tell us.

        IObit Support Team --
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          Thank you for responding. I never received a notice to patch. I just frequently checked for updates and at the same time monitored the Reg key associated with this whole fiasco and assumed that all was in order. I am still not sure as to who/what actually updated the key. I am guessing it was IOBit. If so, you may want to have users reboot after said update since registry entries does not stick until reboot/re-log. If I am incorrect on this then I apologize.