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XP Windows Pinball crashes on exit because of IObit Malware Fighter

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  • XP Windows Pinball crashes on exit because of IObit Malware Fighter

    XP Windows has an old accessory game called 3D Pinball. When I start pinball the screen switches from 800x600 pixels to a full 1024 x 768 pixels. Yes, this is old. When I exit pinball the screen used to take about one full minute to switch back to the original 800 x 600 pixels, but with IOBit Malware Fighter it hangs, the black screen of death, and I have to unplug my computer, plug it back in and restart. I tried switching to another malware program and it fixed my MS Windows Pinball game, but then IOBit Advanced System Care was attacked.

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    I'm still hoping for even half an answer. How do I temporarily turn IOBit Malware Fighter off so my computer doesn't malfunction?


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      Unfortunately I've found another software program that I use with exactly the same problem, specific to IObit malware fighter. No malware fighter, no problem. The software program gets into full screen mode, runs, and then at the end it just hangs, sometimes with a completely black screen, sometimes with various popup-like traces of what the screen used to say. The only solution for IOBit is to forcibly shut off the computer's power and then reboot the computer.

      You've found no fix or kludge in a week now? That's not a good sign. Does this mean that you're all stumped?