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Windows 1903 Incompatible Drivers

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  • Windows 1903 Incompatible Drivers

    Upgraded to Windows 10 1903, found device drivers needed to be updated, also updated Windows. Restarted, Preparing automatic repair loop occurs.

    Restored to before, tested updating Windows only and restarting, fine. Tested updating drivers and restarting, automatic repair loop.

    Tested installing fresh Windows 10 1903 on laptop, restarted, no problems. Updated drivers, preparing automatic repair loop.

    Solutions welcome.

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    I am sorry, but I am a little confused.
    This is the Malware Fighter section of the Forum. Do you think you have a malware issue??
    You refer to Driver Update issues....does this mean you used Driver Booster??
    You say you Upgraded to 1903....but then you state that you updated windows.....surely upgrading would have included all Updates.
    You say you restored to "before"....before what....the 1903 upgrade??...the windows update??...or the driver(s) update??
    What told you that your drivers needed to be updated in the first place??

    It seems obvious that the issue only occurs after you do the Driver(s) update, so I am assuming that you are doing a bulk driver update.
    I would recommend that you restore again or reinstall 1903 again and the if you are determined to update drivers, to do so one at a time.
    Then if you encounter the repair loop issue again you will know the driver which is causing the issue.
    I must say that I find it strange that you would want to update drivers immediately after upgrading to 1903.
    Would it not be better to simply use 1903 for a while without updating drivers and if everything runs well then leave it alone, and consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.