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Trojan virus in iobit download from Softonic

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  • Trojan virus in iobit download from Softonic

    I just received a Trojan virus: Trojan:Win32/Vigorf.A in a download of the free Iobit Software Updater module. I had been having problems getting the downloads from Softonic to work for several weeks and as soon as I slightly relaxed my cookie security to try to get the downloads to work - I received this Trojan. I have no intention of using Softonic ever again, so unless Iobit offer alternative download sites, I will have to look for other software to use, which would be a great pity, because I have found Iobit and and the ASC family to be one of the best free products until now.

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    Your Softonic download may have been a false positive. Did you try VirusTotal?


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      Both Malwarebytes and MS-Defender thought it was a real threat. Thanks for the alternative link


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        Hi Amm ,

        Sorry for my late reply.

        As atailor1 said, the issue you mentioned should be false positive. To look into the issue, is it possaible to send us the related screenshots to show the issue you met when you download from Softtonic?

        By the way, what is the security program that you are using.

        Your information will be quite important for us to solve the issue.

        ???????Looking forward to hearing from you.
        IObit Support Team --
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          Hi, I totally cleaned and put new Avast virus software on the laptop which had the reported Vigdorf trojan download. I don't have any screenshots for that incident. However one of my other PCs also has reported a different virus: HTML/coinminer Trojan from a Softonic download.

          I have a screenshot but when I click the Photo button and upload button above, nothing happens and the file does not load.

          I also noticed in the last few weeks that I cannot download any files from Softonic using Google Chrome with my normal medium-high security and cookie settings. I can only download from Softonic if I make it a trusted site and agree to all cookies. With these recent experiences of problems plus two reported virus incidents, I will not be using Softonic again, even if they really are false positives, because I have no way of verifying that at the time.

          For now I will use Majorgeeks where I can download Iobit products without changing my browser security or getting virus reports. It would be good if your download system offered options for download sites instead of forcing users towards Softonic.


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            I think it would be good if you looked at the News & Offers section of the Forum where you can download all the latest Iobit products...and will see that the recommended download link is
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              I would suggest you download IObit drivers from its official website, to avoid virus infections. For now, you can format your system if it is getting you a lot of trouble or you can run an anti-virus scan. It will definitely solve your issue.


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                You should download IObit drivers from its official website.